With the loss of a limb, an amputee works daily to overcome their issues and learn to move forward. With this comes many issues. Probably the most widely problem encountered is pain.

Pain can be a daunting problem. Every step towards Recovery and Rehabilitation is marked with its own painful situations. With pain and recovery comes stress.

PubMed reports from a national survey that, nearly all (95%) amputees surveyed reported experiencing 1 or more types of amputation-related pain in the previous 4 weeks. Phantom pain was reported most often (79.9%), with 67.7% reporting residual limb pain and 62.3% back pain. A large proportion of persons with phantom pain and stump pain reported experiencing severe pain (rating 7-10). Across all pain types, a quarter of those with pain reported their pain to be extremely bothersome. Identifiable risk factors for intensity and bothersomeness of amputation-related pain varied greatly by pain site. However, across all pain types, depressive symptoms were found to be a significant predictor of level of pain intensity and bothersomeness. (1)

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